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Vancouver Restorations is a specialist restorer of prewar Rolls Royce, vintage racing cars and veterans. Restoration of those cars is more then to bring them back to the glorious era when they were build. It is also a matter of having knowledge from the past and applying current technologies.

Over the past 30 years our list of restoration projects can be called impressive:

Alfa Romeo - Amilcar - Austro Daimler - BMW - Ferrari - Invicta - Jaguar - Massarati - Mercedes Benz - Moretti - Panhard - Rolls Royce - Talbot Lago - Veritas

As you can see, an enormous diversity, not only in names but also in models.

At the left side menu you will get an overview of our Restoration projects and other choises.
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The information presented in the middle part of this webpage is depending on your menu choice.

If this is not enough, you can phone or e-Mail us to find out whether we can be of help for your precious automobile. We are always willing to help or guide you and you will be pleased with our modest prices for labour and parts.

We hope that you enjoy our website. Have fun and feel free to contact us on +31-6-53 893 288.

Harry van Coeverden

Jaquar MKII automatic
Photo: 98005600

Jaquar MKII automatic
Photo: 98009600

We do have limited time available
for full- and part-restorations
of your treasured automobiles.

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